Falconer Net Questions

Specifically wondering about Voltaic Device node under net. It states that it changes the base damage of net to lightning and adds a lightning tag instead of physical tag. However are you still able to add physical throw damage to the skill from the passive tree and affix’s?

Yeah added physical damage still applies to the skill, but it won’t be converted to lightning damage.

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Follow up question to this, does that mean that added damage to throwing skills adds to the lightning damage, where added physical damage to throwing adds to a new pool of physical damage it is hitting for?

Would it benefit from % increase to physical throwing damage still for that new pool of damage created even though it would no longer have a physical tag?

Yeah generic added throwing damage like affixes on rings and belt etc will be added to the lightning base of the skill. The added physical throwing damage will add on top of that as added physical damage.

The added physical throwing damage will benefit from %physical throwing damage and %physical damage yeah. It will also benefit from any generic %throwing damage. It doesn’t lose its physical tag because added physical damage doesn’t get converted to lightning damage.

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Awesome! Thanks for the help