Falconer - Aerial assualt - Storm on the horizon bug

Storm on the horizon doesn’t seems to work correctly.

I’m talking about Aerial assualt Storm on the horizon node.
It states, it won’t move you anymore. But after taking this node the skill still have traversal tag. Thus you can’t use it together with shift.

I assume that this is bug, and this node should remove traversal tag from AA skill.

With regards, J.T.



+1 Makes this node useless

I just logged in to report this. I am trying to make a Valkyrie build with my rogue. It is very hard, and with this node I though I was actually going somewhere, but since the traversal cooldown restriction remains it has indeed very little interest.

Is this actually a bug, or is it intended?
I hope it’s a bug.

+1 definitely makes this node useless.

+1 Node still does not remove the traversal tag.