Faithguard Doesn't apply

I just applied the Faithguard talent in Shield Throw tree and I currently have 4 points in Aegis. Faithguard should be applying 400 to elemental and poison resists and I am not noticing the buff even though I am watching my armor sky rocket. I am wondering if this node is broken and its making me question taking Testament of Light.

If that’s the one that adds protections to allies, the player character is not it’s own ally & therefore the shield can’t ricochet off the player (which is a pity). You’re getting armour presumably from the armour steal node in the bottom right of the tree (at work & can’t log in, sorry).

I actually confirmed today it does appear to work, however, it does not stack like the others do. Apparently though it didn’t start working until I closed out of the game and reopened, also noticed the node next to it for the increased protections per point of scaling didnt seem to make a big difference with 6% per attunement and i am at 12 attunement right now, should be 72% increase.

I’ll be moving these around and potentially looking at idols that convert damage to physical.

The wording on Aegis says that it shouldn’t apply to you (“Shield Throw can target and ricochet to allies other than yourself”) & Faithguard then modifies Aegis to also apply elemental & poison protections. So if it is giving you protections then that’s a bug. Are you sure the armour isn’t coming from Armouring Aegis &/or Iron Monger?

There was a previous thread on this node, so I have tested this interaction recently. The Aegis node specifies on the tooltip that you cannot ricochet off of yourself, and it’s working correctly. This means you also won’t be getting the benefits from Faithguard.

Sentinel has a lot of ways to get armor, so you’re likely getting it from somewhere else.

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