Eye of Reen

Anyone find this weapon useful? Or is it just for leveling?
I find that it shoot’s itself in the foot having a proc requiring you to get a melee crit then having no crit chance on it. Even with 120% increased crit chance my my melee crit chance is only 11%. Without being able to put the Melee Critical Strike Chance affix shard on a weapon your crit chance will never be that high. I got a lucky roll and the Reen’s Ire proc is 90%, but with the lack of crit it rarely procs, nevermind getting more than one stack.

Well several things you can do here.

  1. Dual wield and place a raider axe on main hand with added melee and implicit melee crit chance, you can get up to 10% more base crit without exalted. with your 120% that puts you at 33% Crit chance instead of 11%. Most builds aiming for 100% crit will have at least 300% increased crit some on skills/buffs.

  2. Use skills that have increased base crit chance inside of them. This can dramatically increase your chance to crit with minimal investment into increased crit chances.

An example just off the top as im not in front of my pc is look at werebear and swipe.
You can place raider axe in either hand and a eye of reen katana in the oppisit. Using swipe you can an addition 100% crit chance inside skill tree. In werebear skill tree you can get 100% crit chance after charging. top of druid tree get 75%ish from ferocity. This means you can have 15% base crit and 275% increased for a total of 56-57% chance to crit without a single affix on gear other than added on raider axe. Werebear can get to 100% easy by adding another 300-400% either on gear or using idols (you can also do a spell damage conversion, but I wont get into that)

Another example would be Flurry while dual wielding eye of reens. Its possible to get 100% crit and have 2 eye of reens on letting you get 50+ stacks of ire’s reen easy.

TLDR - Look for global crit chance or base crit inside skills. Look for dual wielding options.


Read another post and came to the same conclusion. Make a dual wield guy now. Play sentinel mostly. Had a sword and board Paladin and it wasn’t working great. Oddly enough Judgments consecrated ground made it proc more, think just due to a huge increase in number of hits.

Eye Of Reen also is a very nice weapon for ignite builds. A cinder strike Rogue dual wielding two of them is really nice. :blush:

I’ll take your Eye of Reen if you don’t want it! I have been after it for EVER! Millions spent gambling and endless hours farming to no avail…

Hang on to it–It is a great wep for many builds!

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