Eye of Reen held upside down

Hey team,

Wasn’t 100% sure where to post this, but the visual for the Eye of Reen unique is being held upside down (blade facing upward) on my Sentinel. Just wanted to pass this along, although I am sure there are a lot more things of greater importance to address first.

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I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I think that’d be backwards and upside down would be with the blade stabbing you in the knee … which I totally want to see now.

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Goodness. If youre going to say something is upside down, do a brother a solid and post a screenshot so i can look at your characters fumbling :smiley:


You need to spec minimum of 10 intelligence for him to hold the sword right


Ohhhh, yeah, that’s totally upside down. I think everybody else (including me) thought the OP meant a reverse grip.

All part of the plan

I thought the OP was “anchoring” us with that thought.


Too soon mate, too soon…


Yeah I wasn’t sure how to properly word what I was seeing hence why I explained the blade facing upward bit. Either way definitely not the way I would hold a katana.