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Extremely impressed with chat moderation

I just hope you’re equally as productive once the game has (hopefully) 1000s of players @EHG_Kain. After all civil conversations about politics are unimaginable. Broke the ToS though so fair play.

Best regards,

Hm… can’t figure out if this is sarcasm or not…

I’d imagine that would be because civil conversations about politics turn uncivil after a while.

It is, not sure what the final sentence meant though & I’d be extremely surprised if Kain did that.

OP, if you wish to complain about/challenge moderation actions you can submit a ticket on EHG’s support site.

I certainly don’t play games to discuss politics, or religion (civil or not).

If Aseitic is being sarcastic then I would argue he is precisely the reason we need chat moderation.


I’m only replying to you to say hi it’s been a while and also September is almost over. Your prophecy may not come true.