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Exsanguinous in hardcore

Hey all, new player here, but managed to get to lv70 in hc. I’ve been thinking though, I got Exsanguinous drop, and i’m a bit scared to use it in HC. My fireball/elenova Sorcerer is built around Ward, through Flame Ward. Is Exsanguinous safe in HC? Does it kill you occasionally? Any bugs, dmg getting through? Would like to know something from someone who got experience playing with Exsanguinous. Thanks in advance =).

It don’t kill you and you stay lowlife while your life is transfered to ward. If this ward is used up or low you’ll die like anyone else from the enemys dmg ^^. If you have advantages from beeing low life and no meaningfull chest piece you can equip it without second thought. If your only ward income is Flame Ward I won’t equip it though because flame ward offers “so little” you might gimp yourself.
The unique alone won’t kill you :D.

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In my experience it’s a little different than your standard ward build to build around that.

You’ll probably also want to find a “Last Steps of the Living” to get the most out of it, and since it transfers health to ward, the more health you have the more ward you will have so naturally, you’ll want to build lots of health on your gear for it.

Atm my strongest piece of gear is chest armor, which has T6 roll 20% health, and other 3 affixes are good as well, resistances etc. So my hp pool would drop from 1050 to around 780, if I used Exsanguinous. Think I’ll keep it in stash and see later on, I feel safe atm with Flame Ward and high dmg to kill things fast.

nice my last hardcore mage died on the sun god fight, it was the first time i did it and i teleported into a void explosion and got one shot lol. I haven’t tried exsanguinous. I’m playing softcore this time around until I beat all the content and come up with a build that I think will be able to do the same on hc. This time around i built 100% crit avoidance early and then set elemental and physical/void resists until all were over 100%, i also get necrotic over 100% and try to get poison near 75%. Then I get atleast one dmg leach item and stack dmg. I have around 900-1k hp depending on what i’m using at the time and I haven’t died yet, i’m on the next monolith after the sun god one now almost at the end. I really like this setup so far. Every time i died on hardcore before was a big crit. Now i don’t get crit. ( you can get over 100% crit avoidance with 3 t5 affixes well rolled (it maxes at 37%). I’m rank 19 i think on hc solo ladder but I have only played about a week or so., pretty steady last week or so and a little in early alpha. Next time around i’m shooting for atleast top 10 but I decided I needed more game knowledge first. I didn’t understand how powerful crit avoidance is my first attempts.

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