Exsanguinous Bug?

It seems that Exsanguinous generates ward too fast so that a player can’t be killed at all, please check the following YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIOrCNK2-xQ

I’ve checked with my another character(Paladin), it’s something else that makes Acolyte immortal with that body armour, I’ll continue my testing and will return with exactly cause.

It’s strange, but once I’ve re-entered the game with my Acolyte the bug disappeared. Something definitely wrong with this body armour, but I cannot say exactly what is.

I think I’ve found the exact cause. Somehow health stops at 0 at some point and don’t regenerate after, which causes the error. The error was reproduced again today. Hope this helps the investigation, if it will be at all.