Expnantion needed for the new Archmage passive

For the new archmage passive: does the doubling/tripling affect both the chance of mana refunded and the amount refunded or only one of these?

So if I have 1000+ mana and max rank of the passive, does it refund 60% mana every time, or 20% every time, or 60% with 35% chance?

Every passive is structured such that the effect is on the left side and value is on the right side. In case of Archmage passive:
Effect is “chance to refund 20% of mana cost”.
Value is “7% per point”.

The doubling and tripling affects the values:

Therefore, it will always refund 20% of manacost. The chance of a refund happening gets doubled/tripled, and the spell damage gets doubled/tripled aswell.

This means that at 1000+ mana, your spells will have up to 105% chance to refund 20% mana cost, and you get up to +15 spell damage.


Big Thanks! Very comprehensive explanation!

BTW, will extra 5% from 105% do anything?

Something like the refund proccing twice from a single spellcast? That would be awesome :smiley: No info on that unfortunately, so someone will have to test that once the patch goes live.

It could go either way, depends how they’ve coded it, but I’d be surprised if it did proc twice.

I wouldn’t personally be surprised, any instance we’ve seen of above 100% chance in ailments results in multiproccing, unless there is a stack count. So in my eyes multiproccing would be the default. Not guaranteeing it of course, just saying that it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Except it isn’t an ailment. There are other instances of things going over 100% that don’t do anything extra.

I have a feeling it’s just that 6% would have put the 3x at 90% but they wanted the triple effect to have a 100% chance to refund so they rounded up because while 6.66% per point might look cool :crazy_face: it would look a little clunky in the interface.

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