Explosive Trap and Detonating Arrow

Hi people!

So I’m looking into a Jelkhor’s dagger build using Explosive traps to trigger detonating arrow.
I was looking at Chadly’s YT vid and build planner for this and part of the build got me wondering if it’s really properly set up for the best damage possible.

Here’s a link to the planner:

There’s some emphasis on throwing damage on the gear, and I wonder if that really benefits detonating arrow?
I know it benefits Explosive trap which trigger DA, but surely DA doesn’t inherit the “throwing” tag?

I also wonder if the “melee crit multiplier” on Suluron’s Step actually boosts DA damage? Specifically Lightning Tendrils, which from my understand is the main damage source.

Lightning Tendrils has bow and lightning scaling, poooossibly melee too due to Jelkhor’s?

Anyone care to weigh in on this? Clarification would be much appreciated!

You may find this of interest:

I remember trying a full melee jelkhor build pre launch and noted that lightning tendril seemed to sometimes be doing insane amounts of damage. This would explain that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I still would like to know before I get the gear if throwing damage really boosts DA damage for this build though. It seems to me that only lightning%, bow and possibly melee damage would increase Lightning Tendril damage.

Hello. If you mean throwing damage on rings, then no - it does not affect Detonating Arrow. These affixes are taken to reduce the mana cost of the Explosive Trap.

I suspected that might be the case for the rings, but he’s also putting throwing damage on gloves, belt and relic though?