Exploit with Logon

There is 2 things in Logon fight that can be exploited … I don&t know if someone already mention it

First – In first part of the fight just before fight start you can jump outside his area . If you are ranged character you can safely hit him from outside his tentacles and he will not reach you … I did that yesterday … that work for first part only , next 2 parts he teleports you down and back in .

Second - it is possible to stand in the far left corner there is a spot where he cant hit you with his breath or smash you . Only lightning explosion can hit you there . So if you able to tank that you are safe there , you can stand there without moving and hit him . That also works only for ranged off course …
I dint think those two situations are intended to work that way

  1. is known & unless they changed the fight a bit, you most certainly can be hit by the sweeping eye beam if you hide in the left corner (the corner nearest Lagon). Several people (including me) have died like that.

Can the title be adjusted to say Lagon? I wouldn’t normally ask, but there can be a lot of confusion in this case judging by the title.

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