Exploit for Duplicating Items

I accidently discovered how to easily duplicate items. I think its a temporary duplication, but I haven’t tried creating legendaries, crafting on them, or changing the items to see if its abusable. If you just strictly duplicate it without changing it, the item is just temporary until you log out. The duplicate item appears to work just like the original.

It’s pretty simple to reproduce. Simply fill an entire stash tab full (minus a couple empty spaces). Put the item you want to duplicate near the bottom left nearby the sort button. Click sort, and very quickly (while the system is calculating how to sort the items), shift right click out the item you want to duplicate. The re-sorted inventory will contain a duplicate copy of the item that you just pulled out.

If you relog, the duplicate version (not the one you pulled out) will either (1) disappear or (2) change into another item that was in the stash tab with the original item in the stash tab disappearing.

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Yep,can confirm this works as of 19-March. I discoeverd this while playing tetris with my idol tab :stuck_out_tongue:
Wanting to confirm if it was duplicating items or if i had another one i had missed, i tried it again… not wanting to get in trouble i dropped the items and relogged and yep… the previous ones were gone and it was back to original.

Same goes for when you gamble for items. after gambling the bags sort automaticly. pick up your item right after you gamble, keep it on your mouse. when it sorts your stash, you duplicated your item.

Friend of mine tried is aswell, the duplicate doesnt give you any shards. So its i a empty copy.