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Explody Lich... wait no... umm... DR PIMPLE POPPER! nice

I noticed a few nodes recently that cause explosion or propagation of damage on death that can be triggered together. So I made this build to try and make as many on hill explosions at once.

So first off the entire build centers on
Aura of Decay with Absence of Life (paired on gear with Healing Effectiveness)
Fume Weaver for Poison Res Shred
Decrepify to avoid the brutal self poison
Putrid Bombs for more poison procs
Corruption for 1 point, minimum cooldown that way and you kill enough it procs plenty fine

Bone curse for Ruptured Corpse for 25% to boom, and Cursed Limbs to apply the curse on hit, Sigil of Mortality for Death Mark application, less res YEEHAW

Reaper Form for Harbinger of Blood to enhance Hollow Lich (is this bugged? I saw someone say it was glitchy without specifying how, lol) and then Reaper’s Ascendance for increased spell damage

Rip Blood for maximum splatter and Septic Blood for poison stacks

And Transplant for maximum detonations and pool of blood.

The following is a link to the passive trees, the gear portion of that site is missing the new base item classes. However the stat priority is as follows
Int>Damage over Time>Health>Poison duration>Chance to poison>Poison damage>Chance for debuff to taste and add res where needed. Dodge and armor are useless here anyways.

Happy popping!

You forgot one of the best an strongest explosions.

Pustulent End in Drain Life.

Even if you spec Drain Life mainly into dealing single target dmg, this node can give all the clear you need for AoE^^

I don’t this this will work.
I think “increased leech effect”, does not increase the numeric value of how much leech you has, but makes each point of leech “more effective”, which means it doesn’t for for the leech -> damage conversion

You are definitely correct about Harbinger of Blood and Hollow Lich.
As for the missing out on Pustulent End… yeah. Clearly I am not ready for mid terms. Thanks for pointing that out. There is so much to learn and memorize and keep track of. I’ll get this retooled with Drain Life right now. Getting this build right is my whole weekend plan.

I don’t wanted to take anything away from your ideas.

There are several ways to do this. Drain Life is no “must pick”.

I just think it’s one of the coolest “explode” nodes, because drain life does really good singletarget dmg and with this node it’s apretty universal skill.

I am pretty open to experimentation. I am actually doing a vanilla rip blood version where I gave up rip blood perks to grab Drain Life. I think there is something burly lurking under the surface here. So, the channeling messes the mobility of transplant->reap->transplant, etc.
So there is a fix for that, and it synergizes with bone curse’s Cursed Limbs, will allow me to apply Bone Curse to a pack. I just have to work it into my rotation right.

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