Experience goes wasted after reaching lvl 100

Maybe experience after lvl 100 could give account wide rarity bonus for items?

That’s what happens in all ARPGs except D3.

Also, experience isn’t wasted after level 100, since it still gives you favour for your faction.


I asked Mike about this on the discord, and he said they prefer systems that apply to more people, since reaching level 100 isn’t really expected. That being said, I really wish they would reconsider and add something. Paragon levels in Diablo 3 were cool, for example.

That actually depends on who you ask. I disliked paragon, for example.

D3 paragon was a thing because reaching max level was a joke. You did it in a couple hours.
In LE, though, level 100 takes a much longer time.

But the main issue is that if you add a post-100 mechanic and it gives you some benefits, it becomes mandatory.
Right now, reaching level 100 isn’t necessary. You don’t get much of a power difference from level 90 to level 100. So you don’t really need to push max level. (this is the same as in PoE)
However, if you add something post-100 that gives you drop bonuses, or damage or defense or whatever, then it becomes mandatory for everyone to get there.

I’m not saying that this is necessarily a bad thing in itself, but many players will dislike this. Just like many will like it.
It’s just something to consider on whether to introduce something like this or not.


Whatever the system is, I think it’s okay if someone feels like it’s mandatory, because they don’t have to do anything special to get it. You get XP by playing the game.

why not use the extra exp to reset forging on gear or to add forging points to it? that would be worth way more then you would think. or spend it to add LP to gear.

The issue isn’t playing the game, really. The issue is that altoholics (which this game clearly targets) will be hit by this.

Right now, I can have 3 characters at level 90 and they won’t be behind to a level 100 character, since the last 10 passive points aren’t usually too relevant.
However, if you do implement a post-100 system, my 3 level 90 characters will be clearly behind the level 100+whatever character. This would effectively disincentivize making alts, since you get more benefits from playing a single character for longer.
Which isn’t something that EHG has shown they want. At least, not yet.

That’s a fair point. In Star Wars The Old Republic, you unlock what they call a legacy system. Once it’s unlocked, XP from your alts counts toward its progression, just like your main.

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That would be fine. As long as it’s account wide (much like faction progress) that doesn’t hurt neither benefit between people that like to focus on one character or that like to make new ones all the time.

As content increases we’ll definitely see ways for the experience to be used beyond level 100, or in parallel systems when unlocked along the line.

It’s either that or new item-types to allow the game to progress further, which is mandatory to happen as it grows.

For the moment it’s definitely not needed, it would actually be a detriment for the game as we currently have vastly more progression possibilities for the character then available content in the game. Plainly spoken the route ends with empowered monoliths… but nobody can say that they’re ‘done’ with a level 100 character there since it’s vastly before that. I would say you’ll be 80-85 when hitting that spot if you know what you’re doing, then people play until 90-95 commonly before branching into another character.

This will be vastly reduced to happen if content becomes available to bring people all the way to 90…95… or even 100 before it ends, which I would say is the optimal way for LE to go over time, and after the 100 part is reached to provide extra aspects to build up our character further beyond that with the mentioned options above.

when you hit lvl 101, the full xp bar disappear and you have to start from scratch, that’s a pain for my inner monk :frowning:

d3 paragon was such a double edged sword. on one hand weaker players had a way to gain power somewhat.

but on another the devs kept making harder tiers that kinda made paragorn levels mandatory somewhat in order to actually clear hard content that dropped things that actually mattered.

power creep truly is the bane of arpgs. players like power for power fantasy, but devs create tougher content to challenge these players. if you’re weak, you quickly learn to stop “doing your own thing” and just follow a build.