Exp for active skill

I like the idea to have to exp the skill, but once they are max level (20), I should be able to reallocate the point as I like without having to exp them again and again.

Also if I had leveled up a skill, once I remove it from my tree I should not loose the experience… I should i.e. be able to swap between two skill that I already leveled without loosing all.

I find good have to exp them once, but doing it again and again (if I change build with my char) is very boring imo and does not add anything if not frustration that you’ve to play just to level them and see if they works fine once you done.

If I’m not understanding the reason behind having to exp again the same skill for every point that I’ve removing, please let me know your thoughs.

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There have been several threads on respecs already…

Edit: one of which was even 4 minutes before your post…

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I think its built this way for a reason.

It is to stop players levelling up all their skills, and then just switching them round to suit the situation! Giving them a serious advantage doing monoliths and arena runs!

A serious advantage for what?
I mean the game should be fun and to my knowledge it is not a competitive game.
Or am I missing something?

Anyway I respect any all ideas of players and decision of the devs, just sharing with them what I find fun/enjoyable vs what ripetitive and boring :).

It’s built & balanced around having 5 skills.

and so? I’m not proposing to add more skill, but just to retain the exp of the one you already exped and allow to switch more easily between the skill (also just in town).
This will allow more build experimentation especially while exping a new toon

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