Exclusive Full-Screen is just Windowed Full-Screen and it causes visual mess when minimized

I’m not sure it’s the right place to post though.

What title says.
While the game is minimized (And the Exclusive Full Screen option is selected) , the game’s window frequently interrupts what you doing by trying to come back to the front of your screen, therefore causing a visual mess with whatever you are doing.

Should probably be in the bug section… If you cannot move it yourself, you could probably Flag it as something else and have a mod move it when they have a moment…

You may have to provide some more information as to your system info and in-game settings so that the devs can try and replicate the issue…

I dont think I have ever minimised LE while using fullscreen mode - I usually just have it in background but never minimised & in this way it never tries to take focus (assuming this is what you mean by “visual mess”) or do anything else.

Out of interest, do any of the other window options work better?

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