Exalted vs Rare

Question to end game players: Does it make sense to collect rare items if exalted is better, especially with 2+ affixes?

Not really, unless the rare has more useful affixes. Higher tier isn’t always better…

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yeah I know, but after hitting lvl 95 and trying to build end game build I see no point in rares(especially their low forging potential and unability using them with uniqs)

I still have stash fills on nice “rares” but i can tell you that i have even pages of exalted that beats them all…

Anything below exalted in it’s current state is terrible, choices for the very start but easily replacable… Even if they were to be planned to be used for an alt. Exalted is just so mcuh better with the higher potential it comes along with.

I do hope they do something in the future with lower tier items, making them useful and even giving it the slightly rare chance of it being a BiS item somehow… Of course, it wouldn’t be something common.

The only use of rares in the endgame is duplicates and prophecy rares from CoF.

Those are tagged so you can rune lf ascendance and have a chance of keeping the rune. Other than that, yeah exalts are just plain better in general.

oh, can I have more insight on this?

One of the CoF rank bonus is 45% chance for a Rune of Ascendance to not be consumed when used on CoF tagged items.

If you plan to make a LOT of Alts who might use those yellows when levelling, then yes. Otherwise, probably no.

But also remember that a yellow with 4x t5 affixes you need is often better than an Exalted with a few affixes you don’t need. Also, a yellow with great implicits is often better than an Exalted with irrelevant or low level implicits.

And if you are in MG, really nicely rolled yellows will still sell if they have the right affixes on them (you’d need to research what those are). Example an item with crit chance, crit multi, hybrid health and flat health (just a fantasy example here to make the point) with all t5 and good rolls will actually sell easily.

Note to self: Read info in game more carefully. This is cool.

I’m in early end game and I agree about the value of good T20s and implicits. I get one-affix exalteds and can often craft better from a rare unless the affix is super valuable for the build. They also tend to be too high level for alts.

Let’s be real, with how common exalted items are and high high of a potential, it is fairly easy to get something that surprises 4x affixes you need.

Same with putting rares with 4x t5 use affixes, item’s are just overproduced that you are not getting much for it… Literalyl will go for tens of thousands to low hundred thousands if high rolls… If next season the economy is better controlled, then maybe, it will be more valueable but there are bigger features and mechanics in game that is affecting how items value are being set. The best way is to make alternative way to use the magic and rare items, maybe somehow to upgrade it to exalts.

Exalted items are suppose to be drop only but with how common they are, this could be implemented. The other option is to lower and exalt and higher items even more rarer but that doesn’t seem ideal as people area already complaining about drop rates.

At the end, EHG needs to decide on what they are trying to do with the game, they can lower all drop rates and make item scaling and progression better but its going to piss more people then it should.

Wow. Personally I consider making 100k gold a fantastic result for a single yellow that would otherwise just be thrown on the ground. They sell very well if they have the right affix combos. I sell about 3 to 5 “trash” yellows per day for a few hundred thousand. Remember you need rank 8 to buy Exalted non-weapons. Most people are not rank 8. In addition people (including me) will buy strong yellows for levelling with before they can even equip the average Exalted.

Yellows are great moneymakers, don’t miss out.

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At first, that’s how I felt but having that perfect/near perfect is time consuming sooner than later and just not worth it, which is why most loot filters don’t include rares.

Yes, of course it will help early for your first char but the time will come sooner than later where you will stop picking them up. He did mention end game

Similar things like picking up everything to check for upgrades, to sell, to break for mats, etc.
A lot of these things are time consuming and in exchange better off just keep grinding for exalt.

With all that time checking and fixing up for the right rare, you would’ve find a meta build exalt quicker that can sell for just as much or more with ease.

Well he asked if yellows were worth keeping. If they can sell for 100k you bet I am keeping them. I have 3 stash tabs full of yellows I will probably sell just too lazy to list more than a half dozen per visit.

Collecting sale-worthy (or Alt-worthy) rares is no effort. That is what loot filters are for.

For end game, its a waste of time, imo. Not because of what you can sell it for but because of the time it takes to get the right one. In most cases, you have to make it.

You set your loot filter to find a potential one but most of the time you will still have to forget it to have perfect affixes to sell for 100k but yes, you can filter to find a ready, low effort rare to sell.

So I guess, it can be both depending on what is meant … I just went with the majority of rares vs the lottery ready to sell ones.

Shrug. I seem to be doing fine. Not sure what the time-consuming part you perceive is. As I said I am a bit lazy when it comes to listing them, but collecting worthwhile ones is zero effort.

For me, i find that would the same amount of time of crafting something, i wouldve found a ready to be sold exalt already worth more

Id say using yellows for leveling is useless. Youll have way more powerful legendaries that “failed” and such stronger than any yellow can be, and usable 40 levels sooner than the ones that even get close. Not to mention weavers will items.