Exalted items

Not sure where to put this but I was wondering what people do with their excess Exalted items? I haven’t done this but I guess you can use perfectly rolled ones with Uniques to create Legendary items or something but that isn’t an activity I have been able to do yet.

That being said what about all the less than stellar Exalts? I have stash tabs filling with them that I probably won’t use. It would cool if there was some other interesting options for what to do with Exalted items.

Like what if you could use any Exalted item like a currency on a rare to turn it into an Exalted item by randomly buffing one existing rare stat beyond T5 (or something)? Or having an option at the gambler to randomly shuffle the exalted stat on the existing exalted item? I’m sure there are some other ideas people could come up with that are more fun than having them collect dust in a stash tab or selling to the vendor.

I leave them on the ground just like 99% of all the other items. Only pick up what I know I will try and craft on.

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Thats a new “problem”, created by the increased exalted droprates.

I, too, have so many unusable exalts now in my stash that I only keep for legendary crafting. Way more than keys. I guess I have to create a lootfilter for exalted items to hide the worse ones. Never thought that would be necessary :smile:

For the future there’s room for stuff like what you mentioned. I’d like to see something like:

  • Shattering exalted items grands “exalted fragments”
  • Shattering unique items grands “unique fragments”
  • There’s a new NPC where you can use these new materials to create:
    • Enchantments you can use on your items on top of affixes
    • very special affix shards you can craft on empty item slots
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For me, I usually have 2-3 more class I want to try next. So I only keep those within the build I want to try for those next ones. As for the items itself, I ignore those that have contradicting stats like a weapon with “X Melee Lighting Damage” and “Increased Necrotic Damage”.

Personally I would ultimately decide if the both Prefix are related or compliment each other + 1 useful Suffix.

But I would also like to have something like this. Storage getting full faster than I can earn gold to buy a stash tab. And this is not even counting idols yet which also takes a lot of space…

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