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Exact mechanics on sorcerer passive?

Is the damage based on mana flat? Increased? More? 1:1? Is this information compiled anywhere if I have more questions?

Given the wording it’s likely increased, rather than more, that would be a bit bonkers. The Paladin has a similar increased damage mastery & that’s increased.

If it were going to be more, it would say more, as it does on the Bladedancer’s masters (15% more dodge).

Those confirm my general assumptions as well but id really like to know if it was confirmed anywhere if it was 1:1. also if it is the actual amount of mana used, if its the base mana, if its the mana that would be used not including mana efficiency.
honestly not the most worried about it just a curiosity that I cant seem to answer.

It’ll be the mana cost of the skill, after any modifiers.