Evade Interaction with Controllers

I’m aware that there is a mega-thread in how people envision the evade system interacts with the devs’ design of the game, but I want to mention controllers specifically.

As it now, Last Epoch’s skill design is perfect for controller players (how well the skills function with controllers is a separate item completely and rather meant for the controller support thread). I currently play with a Steam controller; although it is discontinued, I love how the controller has bumpers, triggers with a soft/hard mode to activate two abilities in one trigger (which is how I play in Grim Dawn), and back buttons for further skills.

Last Epoch’s 5-skil system is excellent for mapping out on controllers:

  • A button interacts with the quests / interface
  • X button is for potions
  • Y button is for the more heal/sustain skills like Paladin’s Aura of Healing or Primalist’s Eterra’s Blessing
  • B button is for minion attack
  • Right Trigger is for main attacking skill
  • Right Bumper is for any skill that interacting with the main attacking skill.
  • Left Trigger is for my main debuff skill
  • Left Bumper is for the last skill that interacts with other debuff skills

Obviously how people map their buttons is up for individual presence, but as many controllers don’t have back bumpers, Last Epoch is perfect for standard controllers.

Question: How do we map the Evade button? We don’t have any more buttons or bumpers / triggers, and I assume Last Epoch doesn’t have the soft/hard trigger functions like GD or other games with more skills have, so where exactly are we going to put the Evade ability?

I actually never played LE with a controller, but you still have Left and Right Stick Press-Down avaialble I guess.

I think by default B will be the evade button.

Move minion attack to D-pad
Replace B with Evade

Hopefully, in the future, we will get Minion Hold & Move buttons (then also on the pad) and my ranged minions won’t run into the carnage because I slightly misclicked the attack command.

I don’t know if it’s universal or not, but the way my controller is set-up, D-Pad up zooms out the camera, D-Pad down zooms in the camera, and D-Pad right set-ups the travel portal. I definitely don’t want to accidentally set up a portal in Monos and lose my rewards because I just wanted to corral my pets.

I am not saying this to complain, and I am well aware that my Steam controller is discontinued and I should look into more modern controllers (though honestly it’s hard to find ones with back bumpers, they’re so useful for games that have 7-10 skill hotkeys to press!), this is just a hope that the developers consider controller players when designing their key layout. Controller support was a huge reason why I supported their Kickstarter all those years ago!