Eulogy of blood

if anyone has this yet could you please post a short clip of it in action thank you. would love to see how it works in a video before spending days farming it ty again tried 4 times already hahah.

Already working on getting it, since i want to do some weird hipster builds with it :smiling_imp:

But i am not sure, what you want to “see” in a video?

It just randomly cast Rip Blood, very similar to Transplants “Dance of Blood” Node

The only thing i personally am not so sure about, if the additional health from Blood Orbs, is also converted to Ward via the “Arcane Fortress” Node in Rip Blood

thanks heavy.
really want to see its interaction with bone curse blood rip combo i use. i may go melee build from ranged build if it works in sync thatd be a ton more ward generated than ranged

Might take a while, since i am farming it on a char, that has not reached empowered yet.

Also the Rip Blood + Bone Curse really doesn’t do much with this item.

woot got it. i i wish you the best in your hunt heavy. yep didnt help alot with my setup.
seems geared toward lich melee build

Of course it is. What else did you expect :stuck_out_tongue:

But that’s exactly what i play :smiling_imp:

Sidenote: If you would actually reply or quote me, i would better see when you answere me^^

You should always do that. If he forums is very busy you can easily lsoe track of some threads.

Yeah, it’s a bit odd in that regard. It should use your skill tree for rip blood (assuming it’s not bugged), but it’ll do so little damage with rip blood due to the lack of spell damage. One thinks that it might be intended for the defensive benefits (hp/ward from RIP blood) or stacking more ailments via all the double splatters you’d get on a large aoe skill like Harvest.

If only Harvest would do damage as well…

My main application would be ward generation with rip blood.

The increased Health from Blood Orbs should get converted to additional ward.
Also the little bit of AoE from Blood Splatter is actually good for killing cluttered white mobs.

But i have to see how it’s in pratice.
The Bleed chance and duration are very nice though. Sadly it has no attack speed.

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