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Eterra's blessing triage node

According to triage node it should now automatically target lowest ally, it is not, just keeps casting on myself.

This is a known thing, not necessarily a bug, it’s targetting you because your companions have so much more hp than you.

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didnt realize ally included yourself, dont think it’s worth choosing the way it is now then thx for heads up

It generally doesn’t though, just to make things simpler…

In 0.7.8, Triage will target the ally with the lowest amount of health relative to their maximum (health percentage). The functionality in 0.7.7 isn’t strictly a bug, but it certainly isn’t ideal. Thanks.

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Thanks for the reply, i think if it was just tagged for minions with that node it would be great, because with the node prior, binding heal it would compliment nicely. thx again

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