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Eterras blessing oversight

Hey Devs,

Slight oversight on the eterras blessing skill. The node ancestral renewal gives you up to 100% chance to summon a healing totem if you heal a high health minion. This in itself is great, but if you take the healing totem gets thorn totem tree in spriggan form… then in thorn totem take summon all at once and maximum duration… then add idols for increased damage per totem and passives increased defenses per totem… well its broken lol. Can have 100 totems… 20k resist… 3000+% cold/spell damage.
How its done…

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I’d like to add that with full duration investment and cast speed investment, plus the 0 cost while out of mana on eterra’s path you can get up to 600+ totems… and then make them all poison enemies with vale blast…

There’s a 14.6 million poison tick in there if you pause at the right time after the frame drops stop.

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