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Eterra's Blessing + Frenzy Totem Interaction

The Interaction with Frenzy Totem node “Healing Pulse” casts Eterra’s Blessing, however when cast in this way, it doesn’t seem to be giving me the Companion ability reset I have taken in the Eterra’s Blessing tree from “Encourage”.

Edit: when Eterra’s Blessing is cast from Frenzy totem, it is also not triggering the effect of “Overgrowth” node in the Eterra’s skill tree either.
Eterra’s Blessing works correctly when manually cast with those nodes.

My build atm relies on this synergy, I can’t verify if the other Eterra’s Blessing buffs are happening either, such as “Ardent Touch” and “Safeguard”

I think the current intention is that minions that use skills cannot benefit from your other specialization trees, so Frenzy Totem is basically casting a base version of Eterra’s Blessing.

We recognize that this is confusing-- I believe the plan is to name the skills something else if a minion uses it and cannot benefit from your specializations. I’ll keep this interaction in mind next time it’s discussed.

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