Eterra's Blessing and Triage

I think instead of triage, blinding heal should be branched into 3 nodes

  1. Now heals the lowest health totem but will not target anything else
  2. Now heals the lowest health minion but will not target anything else
  3. Now heals the lowest health player but cannot target yourself, minion, or totems.

Honestly I wanted to use triage as a way to heal my minion giving it buffs without having to also follow said minion while keeping an eye on my hp, cd, enemies, and also hope that frenzy totem doesnt get hit taking all of the buffs and my precious mana. There is also no reason for your heal to target yourself since you are forced to pick up blinding heal which heals you when you heal a minion anyway.
So right now with triage I need to hope things dont get hit or I need to not take triage and hope when my minion is standing in the general vicinity of something else, like a totem or a vine, it heals the correct target.

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