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Eterra blessing question

When eterra blessing heals a companion it gives it increased damage for 4 seconds. The node efflorescence gives eterra blessing a heal over time effect. Does this make it so each tick of the heal refreshes the damage buff effectively giving the damage increase for 8 seconds instead of 4? Does this also mean each tick with the encourage node refreshes the companions ability? If not then does the node regrowth do this?

Do you have many levels in Eterra’s Blessing to try to test some of this out? I’m using Efflorescence in a build and have Safeguard (gives ele resist) and it lasts for 8 seconds with one cast. Could be possible the increased damage nodes would apply for 8 seconds as well.

Alright I managed to get this thing leveled. I cant say for the damage as there is no tool tip for minions and I’m not going to bother trying to calculate but will assume it works the same.

efflorescence ticks do not count
regrowth does
warcry “invigorate” does not