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Eternal Eclipse

So, I was lucky enough to get Eternal Eclipse to drop for me yesterday doing Rahyeh last night. I was hoping to use this in my Cleave/Erasing build but honestly it just falls short. The flat void damage and void penetration granted by our old friend Dreamthorn just completely outshines this new cool looking weapon. You lose about half your crit damage with Erasing if you use EE. I’ve seen a build by Dredd using the Riftflame node to add the fire tag to this and therefore double dip the damage, but this build also uses Warpath to generate additional damage for Cleave…but this feels almost the same as the Cleave/Erasing wombo combo going on.

The only thing I was thinking of is maybe using it with the Cleave/Erasing combo and lose some of your Erasing top end damage to gain more Cleave damage, but that would involve really changing the build and becoming inferior imo.

Long story short. Can anyone help me out with a build to use this cool weapon?

You can use Void Cleave as your only main offensive skill.
You can reduce it’s cooldown to 2,23seconds very easily or to 2,01 seconds occasionally using Idols.

This way you definitely would want to use Rift flame to give it a Fire Tag.

As Filler you could use Multistrike, which also has a synergy node with Void Cleave.

Be creative how you scale the damage up, the VC Tree offers a lot of different choices here.

Basically warpath+void cleave is the main build using EE atm. I havent seen anyone come up with a different sentinel build that fully uses it to make it better than a rare. But honestly that’s kinda how it goes, most uniques aren’t meant to be straight up better than a well crafted rare/exalted. And I don’t think there’s any other build that’ll benefit from EE more than a rare/exalted.

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I have seen a couple videos highlighting the Eternal Eclipse / Void Cleave combo, and heard it mentioned on these forums as well as Reddit. Can someone clarify if Void Cleave with its Hellish Chasm node actually benefits from both of the flat damage bonuses provided by Eternal Eclipse? My understanding is that when you take the Hellish Chasm node in Void Cleave the Void tag is replaced by the Fire tag rather than the Fire tag being added on top of the Void tag. If that is the case then Void Cleave can be a Void skill or a Fire skill but not both simultaneously.

You should only spec into the predecessor node “Riftflame”, which will add the Fire Tag to Void Cleave.

So Void Cleave will have Physical, Void and Fire Tag.

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Thank you, Heavy. I do not know how I missed that obvious line in the description of the Riftflame node. For some reason I was under the impression that only damage conversion nodes affected the damage type tags on a skill.

99% of the time, that is the case, but there are one or two exceptions.