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ETA on Rogue class?

I favor melee classes in games and I have been dying to play the rogue class! Any time frame when the rogue will be added to beta?

Any information would be appreciated :slight_smile:

I’m going with T-‘TBD’.

I’m eager to see it, too!

When it’s ready. Seriously.

Really stoked for Rogue, but lets be honest, hitting beta is a huge thing and should hold us over for quite a while!


You post a lot on the PoE forums no? Good to see ya here!

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Literally only names that stand out to me for very different reasons are you and I_NO LOL. When I got started with PoE your comments helped me a lot. Sadly 2500 hours later I still suck :slight_smile:

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No ETA for Rogue just yet, sorry.

She won’t be included in the initial beta release, but she will become available during our beta.

Thanks for the fast reply Sarno! Look forward to playing rogue when its released.

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