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ESC should not close everything

Currently when you hit ESC, every UI element that you can open (inventory, chat, map, character sheet etc) closes.
First of all overlay map should never close with ESC in my opinion. (This might be a bug since hitting ESC while no UI element other than map is open brings up menu but hitting ESC with any UI element open closes map too).
Secondly, I would prefer ESC to close only last opened element. However this is more of a preference compared to first one.

If it does get changed please leave a bind for close all.


I am okay with it closing all but map tbh. If more people want that, i can live with that.

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Agree it should not close map.
I would also like some functionality to close the last opened element.

I’m pretty indifferent whether Esc ends up being the button for “close all” or not, but regardless, the buttons for “close all” and “open menu” should not be the same. I find myself constantly accidentally clicking into the chat window, hitting Esc to get out, and then having to hit Esc again to close the settings menu.

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