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Erza's Ledger & A Study In Time

Quest: Erza’s Ledger:

Quest was “Failed”.
Can I no longer achieve the passive point now? Wish I knew…

Quest: A Study In Time:

Great College, I can not seem to find this, is it later in the game?


You can deliver Erza’s Ledger to two different person, one being Erza. If you accept both quests (which are given at the same town, same progress) one fails after completing other. So it is normal, you still got that passive from other.

There are two Great Colleges. Both in Welryn but in different time frames. You need to visit them in order. You can press J and check quest log to get bit more information.

Thanks for the reply!
Not sure on time lines, haven’t been focusing too hard on the story just yet.

Just hit Titan’s Canyon though.

You are in Imperial Era then. First go to Imperial Welryn. Then after talking to quest NPC there, go to Ruined Era, Ruins of Welryn. You can see map by hitting M. And you can change the era by clinking on the name of the era at the top of map.


Thanks!! :slight_smile:

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