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Erasing Strike proccing Void Pyre on hit, not kill

Hey so it’s a bit hard to get a screenshot of this to show it’s definitely only proccing off one thing and not something dying behind what I’m hitting, but it’s very easily replicated by simply using erasing strike with void pyre. Basically, the pyre that should be happening 50% of the time after killing something happens (probably around 25% of the time?) while actually just hitting a boss or rare mob. This may apply to normal mobs but I honestly oneshot them so I can’t tell.Included is a link to a screenshot of my skill tree and build, but this has been happening since the moment I got void pyre.

I’m not really complaining about this, as it honestly helps my damage some for an otherwise really-hard-to-single-target-dps build. IMO, it should stay and the tooltip should be updated, but since it is a bug I feel it should be reported regardless.

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