Erasing a skill from my hotbar?

I would like to omit one of my skills from the hotbar as I have weird fingers that sometimes cannot act independently, so as the title suggests, I’d like one free space. When I click on the empty square in the flyout menu, it doesn’t remove the skill that’s there. It just closes the flyout menu and I still have all my keys bound to a skill.

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It is a known bug in online mode. In offline mode it works as intended.

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Yep, it is one of many small details that made offline better in 0.9.
I am sure online will catch up one day, apparently not yet.

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That might be a bug, but for the OP’s problem in particular… couldn’t you just rebind the keys? Instead of using ‘Q’, ‘W’, ‘E’, ‘R’, change it around so ability causing issue is, say, '' on the other side of the keyboard, or if pointer finger mobility is fine, change ‘E’, to ‘T’, etc, as suits.

Settings->Gameplay Tab->Change Input Keys


Wow thank you all so much for your quick and informative responses ! Fantastic introduction to the folks in this community. I frequently forget this game was early access for 3 whole years ! lol


I rebound my keys to 1234 for my main skills. However, I never thought about just rebinding them further away from each other or just eliminating a bind for the key altogether ! Thanks a lot !

I’m new to the game, but bachlor of comuter science, games tech, so for the sentiment, amounts to much the same thing :slight_smile:

Very welcome for the suggestion.

Not sure how frustrating the game might get with one fewer ability… I’ve only seen one late game vid, and it might get to a point that the game becomes unplayable. If it does, maybe look at either a gaming mouse (assuming this game supports them, and binding to mouse buttons…I dont know you’d have to check). Worst case, you could have a second keyboard on the floor and hit its spacebar button with your foot I guess. Probably be pretty fun on a movement skill actually hahaha

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you can however put 2 of the same skill on the bar.
temporarily you could just duplicate the skill from the button next to it.

Brilliant. You, Good Sir, have just earned a cookie. I’m sorry I can’t present it to you in person. Please head to your nearest snack shack and stuff your face with something tasty.

Wonderful suggestions my friend thank you very much ! I actually found 2 skills that won’t negatively impact my play style to put next to each other lol. It ended up being teleport ! For now, I really am enjoying this layout. Another thing I truly enjoy is how easy it is to swap out stuff on the hotbar. I am proactively trying to exercise my fingers to get more independent of each other. I used to play piano and guitar so I know I can get it back. Limitations are just challenges to me :wink:

Ah you’re playing a mage, I can suggest something else too as I’m more familiar with that class.

Say you were to bind skills to 1, 2, 4, and ".
So that you never accidentally use the skill now bound to the other side of the keyboard (as its on the quotation mark key).

Instead of just having one completely useless skill you never use on ", you can assign it a skill that gives a passive bonus.

Examples off the top of my head:

Flame Ward
In the skill tree for Flame Ward is an option to have it trigger automatically when stunned. So instead of doing nothing, it’ll activate when stunned. You could also take the Fire Aura nodes to have that activate when stunned as well.

Ice Barrage
If you put points into the Sorcerer tree you’ll get this skill, whether your mastery is that or not.
Then, if one of your actual skills is Frost Claw (bound to 1, 2 or 4), there’s an option in Frost Claw to trigger Ice Barrage. When it does, it’ll trigger whatever skill options you chose in Ice Barrage as well.

There’s a bunch of combinations like that, where one skill can trigger another, and if you put the ‘other’ on the unused skill button, and have the unlock thing for it, it will still get used (with its skill selection) as though you’d actively cast it.

Another one is Runebolt, which can be triggered from Frost Wall (but you’d have to be Runemaster specialisation to get Runebolt).
Another is Runic Invocation, which can be triggered from er Flame Dash I think its called, again for Runemaster.
There’s a tonne.

Just watch out for a sudden mana cost, you might need to choose mana reduction type nodes in the ‘passive’ skill, or have mana recoup chosen on one of primary skills.