Equipping, then unequipping Isadora's Gravechill set gloves sets makes attacks ignore weapon damage

Equipping, then unequipping Isadora’s Gravechill set gloves sets your weapon’s damage to 0.

Here’s how to replicate:

  1. Equip Isadora’s Gravechill set gloves; your damage will remain normal
  2. Unequip said item
  3. Use melee ability; you’ll note your damage will be close to extremely low level values. I assume the gloves do something wonky with your attacks. Reequipping the gloves does not solve this issue.

Further, Harvest isn’t tagged as a “Necrotic” ability even with the “Elements of Death” node, which makes the aforementioned gloves’ chilling effect not function.

Unfortunately I’m not seeing a change when unequipping Isadora’s Gravechill (besides losing the damage the item itself has). Re-equipping the item works as expected as well. Could you post your other gear and skill/passive nodes?

Harvest not having a necrotic tag is definitely a bug, so that will be fixed in the future.

Thanks for the reports!

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