Equipped items disappearing, then coming back


So I’m doing the campaign, Temple of Eterra, I find an amulet and go to check if it’s good for me, only to notice 3 previously equipped items disappeared (Gambler’s Fallacy unique amulet, Arboreal Circuit unique ring and a Commander’s Living Seed of Life rare relic).

I think to my self, oh well that’s a bug, too bad, and try to craft this new amulet. I put it in the forge, but when I press the “Add Affix” button, the lost unique amulet appears in its stead, with the old shattering item effect, and it says you can’t craft on unique.

I portal back and forth once, and the equipment is back, so all is well in the end.

Please fix :slight_smile:
Player.log (115.8 KB)

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