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Ephemeral Stance health drain not working?

Before I report this as a bug I wanted to get feedback on the expected behavior.

" While in ephemeral stance you deal 70% increased physical and void damage, but lose 7% of your current health when you use a skill and lose 37% more mana from mana drain effects."

What does “lose 7% of your current health when you use a skill” actually mean? Because I don’t appear to be losing any health at all when using any skills.

Your current health is the hp you currently have (as distinct from your max hp). So if your max hp was 100 & your current hp was 50, every time you used as skill with Ephemeral stance active you’d loose 50 x 7% = 3.5 hp. If you were on full hp you’d loose 7 hp.

I’ve tried it & it’s working for every skill my VK had. The stance does need to be activated first though.

Stance is active (purple glow around feet, and character sheet reflects +70% bonuses) and I lose no health at all when pushing buttons at full health on my Forge Guard.

How much health regen do you have? Not sure if that would affect it but if it was high enough you’d probably never see the blip between the lose from ES and the gain of regen.

That’s true, or if you have enough health leech to cover it or life per hit (& enough hits).

I tried again and was unable to reproduce- it definitely wasn’t draining any health before, but after a relog it is working correctly and I cannot get it to break again. So never mind I guess? Or possibly a one-off issue that occurs the very first time a character slots the ability?

Well, glad it’s at least working. If it comes back try doing it naked first, see if it’s something with gear or idols and then make sure to peek at your whatever heals you may have and how much. Hopefully it doesn’t come back though.

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