Environment despawning shurikens - Forgotten Graves

The first three sets of stairs near the player spawn in can delete your shurikens.

Can get you killed in hardcore if you’re depending on the Bladed Armor node.

Can you show me the exact location in a screenshot?

I’ll snag some screen shots next time I echo it. Stay tuned for my next post in Volcanic City!

Hmm or not. Forum settings are making it hard for non-techies to help.

txt, ini, log, zip, spx, xml are not options I have when saving photos. I’ll see if I can figure out how to convert files to these but I have 14 other options showing… (not mad, just seems absurd :smiley: )


works too.

I’ve saved a draft for the lagonian arena as I’ve been new post capped by the forum but here is the imgur in case I forget to do it.


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