Entire account wiped

Just wanted to give a heads up on a game-breaking bug.

I was playing along for the first play through ever. got to about level 19… and had the power go out in my house. This is not very common for me. On restarting my system it was replaying the journaled filesystem so there was clearly some corruption somewhere. I expected on launching the game to be rolled back due to corruption of the current save files. Only to find everything wiped out. All characters, all stash. Factory reset.

Please tell me that there is a plan in the development cycle to be able to roll back to previous valid files when corruption is detected. This is pretty standard and required. Luckily I was only a dozen hours in or so. If I had invested a lot more time it would be much more painful. This has to be corrected before going live of course.

As it is… its beta. Happy to report it and hopefully see it fixed. Rolled up a new toon already.

I have saved the prev player log I believe was in play at the time of the crash in case that helps. (I may have missed it by one and lost it)


I’m sorry to hear about this!

Could I please ask which Operating System you’re using?


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