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Entering tundra causes map bug

When entering the tundra the first time it causes it to not render the map it self (14.7 KB)

Seconded! This bug occurs for me 100% of the time for both zones leading out from Heoborea (sp?) making it impossible to finish the story line. It seems like the character location is bugged when you enter that zone and it places your character OUTSIDE THE NORMAL BOUNDARIES OF THE MAP.

Additionally, and more game-breaking, now everytime I finish a monolith run it teleports me back into a barren wasteland of nothingness and I have to portal again to get back to the End of Time. This prevents me from getting any rewards chest, including arena keys :frowning:

EHG, if youd like more screenshots or anything, let me know.

Hey everyone, we’ve included a fix for this in 0.7.7f. Please update the game and let us know if it helps! If you’re still having the issue please upload your log file again.

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