Entering/Leaving Areas

When entering or leaving areas, there is no prompt and no visual feedback. This results in sometimes accidentally entering areas, or entering an area and immediately entering the previous area again. It also feels a bit off with no feedback from the interaction.

You mean the loading screen? Or would you like a popup to warn you that you are about to leave the area?

Would be nice if you could click on a highlighted area/door/zone to know you are actually going to the next area. Sometimes you can just walk into it and suddenly your are going there.

Also when entering a new area, skills that have a cool down are instantly set on there cool down without having to press the button. So for like the first few seconds I cant use my skills.

When re-entering a zone after have just clearing it, enemies seems to be immediately back up. Any way to put some sort of time limit of when mobs come back?

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