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Entangling Roots change will impact minion Beastmasters

In spoilers for those who haven't read today's news

Entangling Roots will be moved so that it’s a Druid-exclusive skill

Currently, the Druid’s Entangling Roots had seen use in minion Beastmasters, specifically the solo-Scorpion build that was able to get 2-3 million Poison ticks. For this, I’m not going to bring up how it would impact minion Druid builds, but instead opine on how it would impact Beastmaster builds as a whole.

Beastmaster has a big advantage of getting 2 more Companions than Shaman or Druid, so you’re either going for full Companion skills or 1 Companion + a bunch of supporting skills. With Entangling Roots no longer an option, Beastmasters are limited to Frenzy Totem (practically a mandatory skill based off how good the speed bonuses alone are), Eterra’s Blessing (more suitable for single-companion builds since targeting is very difficult in the heat of the moment), or in more niche cases, War Cry (for Cold minions) or Maelstrom.

TLDR: I hope that the Druid pre-mastery skills will have something that will help out full-minion builds, because pre-change Entangling Roots was one of the best options, and now it’s no longer an option for Beastmasters.

As a support or utility skill, Beastmasters also have Tornado. And we have the Crows, which are sometimes mostly a DPS companion, and sometimes mostly a Support companion. By the way, I would ne be surprised if Storm Crows moved into the Beastmaster tree at a moment.

We are aware that this will limit beastmasters in the short term, but in the long term we are gonna look at beastmaster again specifically. Especially the old companion trees and totems. We might do some small changes to passive trees this patch that will affect beastmasters positively.


I’m not worried at all! :wink: