Enormous echoes?

I don’t know why but I feel like i’m running into enormous echoes far more often than before.

I mean some of these echoes are not only full of enemies, very high health ones possibly even. The objctive is on the other side and it takes ages to get there. If actually stopped to kill mobs along the way, i’d fill my stability meter probably several times. If I just stop kill mobs that attack me or make it slow to simply run past them, I still get stability filled just to get across the echo to the objective.

They said they increased mob density in echos (this was actually requested because they were so empty before) so do you mean that echos are taking longer because there are more mobs or because the maps are bigger ?

I.e. enormous maps you have to run through or echos take longer because there are more mobs between you and the objective?

The issue about higher health enemies has been brought up in feedback before - with the increased density, multiple high health mobs can make clearing echos take a much much longer time for a less dps focussed build.

Im not actually entirely sure if it is the increased mob density or if they are large maps.

It just feels like I’m wasting time, if I fill up the stability bar and it will fill up if I dont start rushing past everything and kill only things taht block my way.

From what I understand, the maps are supposed to be a less tedious size & path so I would guess its the increased mob density that you are interpretting as echos taking longer.

I have noticed that I can fill the stability bonus waaaaaay before i finishing the objectives since the 0.92 patch.

Speaking of, I was going to make a post about those undead wengari axe throwers. I’m quite sure this has been brought up before like months ago, heck maybe even a year now saying they’re quite overtuned. Now that we have higher mob density, I’ve had one run where like 10 appeared from behind and killed me in just throw from each. Even Formossus summons 2 of them (Blood, Frost, Death timeline), and oh boy, even those were only 2, it took like 90% of my HP already…

But as response to the original post, I’m not sure about other maps since I’ve only been doing The Black Sun and Reign of Dragons timeline ever since 0.9.2 patch dropped, though I’ve noticed some of the maps are still quite…not big but rather just long. And I’ve only noticed the “1/3 of the map size” monolith update on Solarum Ascent and Alpine Halls so far, maybe Burning Forest too.

Yeah the axe throwers have been on the list of more difficult mobs before - I cannot recall specifically without searching the forum but I am pretty sure they got “updated” after some feedback.

Re the mob densities - imho there are going to be a lot more feedback where the simple density increase will exacerbate issues like this - there has always been this issue in Monoliths where certain combinations of mobs would exponentially increase a maps difficulty because the mobs complimented each other - havent played enough to be sure but as far as I can tell its still an issue but the density could make it far worse…

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