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English & pronunciation

To not send this thread further off-topic than it already is…

The problem with trying to suggest/impose/etc a “correct” English is that it doesn’t exist. Even in the UK there are many varied regional dialects, from the Queen’s Received Pronunciation, Home Counties (me), Cockney (Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels), Brummie, Glaswegian, Liverpudlian, Mancunian, West Country (this is what I imagine @Dobster sounds like) & various flavours of Welsh, Scottish & Irish. And that’s just the UK, you then need to add in any other English speaking country with all of their regional accents, and then there’s @Boardman21’s English…

When I googled the words form the original thread (deicide, fanatacism& riposte), I got the pronounciation that I expected (day-ih-side, fah-nah-ti-cism, rip-ost (as in rip & the ost from Ostend) ), not the ones you gave.

Edit: And heaven forbid that I forget Bristolian, the wife would not be impressed…


Sure, my fault for using the word correct. Later in the thread I mentioned I’d reframe that going forward :slight_smile:

I don’t hold a belief that there’s a correct English. I love the large variety of accents, and have enjoyed being able to recognize different regional dialects in countries outside of my own. I’ll never forget the time I asked a guy I met if he was from Manchester because I recognized the accent. He was astonished, as I’m American. Further still, I shock most people in my own country because I’m from the south (Atlanta) yet lack a Southern accent. My parents are from the Midwest and Atlanta is a bit of a melting pot. So I say y’all and make use of some other Southern phrases, but don’t have that twang that people expect to hear. That said, I can still very easily discern when someone is from Tennessee, Alabama, or different parts of Atlanta.

When I hear an accent I either recognize or don’t recognize I am excited to ask or look up where they’re from to aid in my ear for accents. I can’t tell you how excited I was to recognize that Old Bill in Westworld was Michael Wincott, known for Alien: Resurrection, The Crow, etc. simply by hearing his voice. I’m glad to run into someone else who’s as passionate about it as I am!

However that’s not what I was calling out in Boardman’s thread. I believe that he was adding extra letters in deicide, riposte, and then leaving off a syllable in fanaticism. I wanted to carefully guide him in the direction of pronouncing them more true to how the words are spelled, without giving any vagueness in intent. I’m well aware folks are sensitive about this sort of thing, especially on the internet. I wouldn’t bat an eye when hearing an Aussie or European pronouncing sounds and syllables of words differently, but I’d certainly cock an eyebrow if they left one off entirely.

Edit: My sister’s ex-husband is from Bristol!

So i have my own language and its “Correct”? Awesome :slight_smile:


Almost, you have your own dialect, but it’s totally wrong.


I’m not sure dropping/adding syllables is dialectical thing, I think that’s more elocution.

Also, right/wrong is totally inappropriate when it comes to dialect! Don’t contradict yourself. Or do, for my amusement.

pro•nun•ci•a•tion @ title.

If pronunciation of single words is highlighted as an issue when you create content for a video game, one can assume that the content created is rock solid.

“Shittin’ daggers” from Boardman21 & “SigNils” from Stefthedude are still my favourites in a good way. I giggled a lot. Not a native English speaker here so be nice.


I’m not sure Bordman’s a native speaker either…

Yeah, you know it’s rock solid when the nit-picking starts.

I’m not certain any of you are, you bunch of uncivilized heathens. Someone hand me my book of Shakespeare.


Hey now no chitin on my “shittin daggers”


At least you can pronouce “chaos” correctly…

All my mis pronunciations are just Easter eggs for my viewers

I do them on purpose.

Yup totally planned.


Yup, just like me mispronouncing the date of our wedding anniversary, that was totally an easter egg for my wife…

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Idk if I would be bold enough to hide an easter egg there. Thats a slippery slope

Made my day

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Greetings to all,

I just saw that “Beta and Finshed Game” in the buying section and wanted to inform you about it. Nothing serious. I am just about to buy the game and try it.

Wish you all the best.

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