Enemy Types and Stats?

Hi All,

New player here, I’ve only got about 4 hrs in so far but I think the game is pretty fun and has a lot of potential.

The one thing I’m sort of struggling with though is understanding what enemies I’m fighting.

I’ve faught some kind of little forest creaturs, bears, flying bugs and giant birdmen called “Ospryex” or something I think, which seem to be an important enemy type and then encountered some Voidbats and some kind of weird ghost/blob looking things in the Ruined City or whatever it is when you go forward in time.

Besides the obvious ones like bears and flying bugs, I don’t really understand what these enemies are that I’m fighting, what their strengths and weaknesses are or how they figure into the games plot/environment etc.

Is there a plan for a bestiary or tome of knowledge or something in the future where you have a place to learn about different enemy types that you’ve at least killed once twice so far?

I would really like to know more about the stats and lore behind the various enemies you encounter in the game. I think it would help with immersion and also with learning how to most effectively combat certain enemy types.

I’ve seen this kind of element in numerous games before, so I know it’s not something totally random I suggesting/talking about.

Anyways, interested in others thoughts here.

You can tell the damage element that mobs do from the colour of their attacks (purple = void, teal = necrotic, etc the colours are the same as those on your character screen for resists), and they don’t have resists or armour unless there’s a note under their nameplate (void scorpions are resistant to void damage and when you hover over them it says underneath the health bar at the top of the screen).

Other than that magic/rare mobs have additional modifiers that are stated under the health bar at the top of the screen.

All mobs get % damage reduction based on the area level that can’t be circumvented so you can ignore it.

The in-game game guide is always a good starter to poke through, as is the community game guide.

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Hi Llama8,

Thanks for the response. I have perused the in-game Game Guide a bit already but I wasn’t aware of the community guide you’ve provided the link for, so I appreciate that.

While the more technical information you’ve provided is very helpful, I guess my broader point was more about themes/asthetics etc.

For example, what is a “Skullen” and why is it in the area it is? Is there a lore reason for the existence of this creature type? Are there different variants of them? (And if so how do they differ in terms of attack types, strength, hit points etc.) Are they more likely to be found in certain areas of the game world?

Those are the sort of things I’m most interested in. I’ve played a lot of different RPGs over the years many of which have included information like this either through tomes of knowledge, a bestiary or just through more organic in-game dialogue, tool tips etc. Some RPGs don’t inlcude this information of course, so I’m not trying to generalize.

I’m just one of those players who plays RPGs more for world/lore/story than min/max builds for optimum combat capabilities/end game runs, so naturally I tend to gravitate toward looking for info on these kinds of story/lore related subjects. In some ways, for example, I think I’d be more interested in just knowing what a Skullen is than what kind of elemental damage is most effective against them, unless of course that’s part of the lore in a given game.

I’m considering perhaps starting my own section of the community guide, a basic beastiary I can populate as I discover new enemies and their lore. AndrewTilley, the original creator/poster of the community guide said it is editable, so maybe I’ll take this on as pet project/community service.

Thanks for the convo.

There’s not really much lore about the mobs, though I’m sure you could get some from conversations with NPCs. The mob stats aren’t exposed to the player and if you did manage to extract them from the game files they’re be modified by lots of other stuff so probably not worth it (IMO).

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