Enemy Spell Indicators Appearing High Above Terrain

Player2.zip (30.0 KB)

This happened twice this morning, in two separate echoes on the Solarum Ascent map. Both times, it was spells cast by enemies far above me, around the part of the map where the area transitions from natural terrain to constructed platforms.

In the first instance, the ring of fire that indicates an incoming arrow from the Siege Golems was displayed well above the terrain. This looked quite odd. The actual arrows landed on the terrain, underneath and slightly left (my left, facing the screen) of where the indicators appeared.

The second time it happened was with the Giant Ice Golems (I don’t know the actual monster name) which cause a bunch of ice spikes to fall from the sky. The small circles that predict the ice spikes were similarly high above the terrain. This looked even weirder than it did with the Siege Golems.

I suspect that, in both cases, the graphics for the indicator were appearing at the elevation of the monster casting the spell, but the spell itself occurred where it was supposed to.

For these types of bugs it would be most helpful to record it in a video and share. It helps us determine the root of the issue and how to best address it.

Okay if it happens again I’ll make sure to record it. I can upload it to youtube and link it, or is there a better way to share it?

That should work fine!

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