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[Enemy] [Graphics] - Spreading Frost's charged attack does not display an area of effect

The enemy ‘Spreading Frost’ uses a charge attack that attacks in a line from the enemy that does not display it’s area of effect while charging.

Steps to Repro:

  1. Launch application.
  2. Proceed to gameplay.
  3. Progress gameplay until reaching The Temple of Heorot.
  4. Locate the Spreading Frost enemy.
  5. Wait until Spreading Frost uses it’s charged attack.
  6. Observe Spreading Frost VFX.

Observed Results:
The charged attack from the enemy Spreading Frost does not display the attack’s area of effect in its VFX.

Expected Results:
As a user, I would expect the VFX of Spreading Frost’s charge attack to display parity with other similar AoE attacks so that I might avoid being hit by the attack.


  1. Issue observed in build 0.8.2I