Enemy Color Contrast and Overall Visibility Feedback

Would it be possible to change the color contrast for certain skills that look exactly the same as the skills players use?

I can’t even see my cursor on the screen half of the time and I’m getting one-shot by mobs that have skills that look exactly like mine.

Ideally, there should be a “friendly” color and a “hostile” one.
For example, make friendly necrotic green, and hostile necrotic purple.

Also, I’d love to have an option that allows me to zoom out a little bit more on the playable map as well as remove overhead visibility obstructions in general. For example, we could really use less palm trees that do nothing but get me killed and obstruct my view.

Also, in the Soulfire dungeon, for the love of god, get rid of all the overhead machinery, chains, and smelting gear that gets me killed since it effectively blocks me from reacting to telegraphed enemy attacks.

Further, some mobs have an area of effect that takes up half of the viewable screen, while attacking you offscreen, like the Siege Golem or any variety of Profane Flesh. In my opinion, this is just bad design.

I had a blast through most of the game, but towards the end there seems to be a big issue with survivability and getting one-shot by a toothpick animation or one that is half the size of the screen. For reference I’m level 98 Necro, max res, and have a large portion of Ward/Vit passives for necro but still getting obliterated thanks to things mentioned above.

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