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Enemies Invulnerable During Dashes

I clear entire screens with the click of a button. I have slain gods in this game.
I have oneshot bosses. You want to know what I fear?
Because they screw with my flow of gameplay.
I am not sure if intended, but once the dash animation of the dog model based enemies (and a couple others like the birbs) starts, they become invulnerable until the animation finishes.
My guess: they use a version of player lunge abilities with the invulnerable notes active.

This becomes pretty ridiculous when I oneshot an entire pack of mobs but the frontmost doggie just jumped and majestically sails through the air in slow motion (bowmage with slow and chill) while I unload enough projectiles into it to kill a boss.

This was funny the first few times it happened but having to wait for the super slowed enemy to land behind me, then turn around (they always land behind you, annoying) and shoot it before I can continue clearing the map get old really quick.

If the devs want to put more (melee) pressure on ranged classes they should implement more teleporting enemies, this just feels awkward and clunky.

Hi and welcome.
EHG is aware of it and one of the devs once explained it on discord why it is hard to fix. The problem is related to the loot drop. So basically if you COULD kill them mid air, the loot would still drop at the landing point of enemies with those invulnerable jump phases. They try to find a technical solution on how to solve the problem to be in sync.


That’s interesting. I always thought of it in a similar way as the Rogue’s “Shift” node which make her invulnerable during her Shift and the Sentinel’s “Lunge” node with “Unstoppable.”

This sounds like it’ll be fixed in the upcoming patch based on comments made by Mike during the September 23, 2022 dev stream. I have the video below start at the “jumping enemies” portion of the question, but if you’d like to watch the question in its entirety then it starts here.


Sweet, overlooked that explanation by Mike. I think i read it a while ago from Trasochi.

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That is very interesting.
However I am failing to see why the loot dropping on the endpoint of the jump would be an issue.

because the game engine will only know that the “endpoint” was not the actual X/Y where the mob got killed. Example: Mob started at 1/1 jumped to 1/3 but got killed at 1/2 along the way, the “endpoint” is not reached and left in a state of error, now if it did its loot drop at start of jump on death then that is less likely to cause a geometry error.

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You misunderstood my question.
I understand that, for technical issues, the midpoints of the jump are not usable as drop points. I find it surprising that the issue is not fixable, but I do not know the intricacies of the code, and the solution that they chose to use for jump animations.

What I don`t get is why to even care.
If the mobs were to drop their loot at the end/start of their jump (which to my understanding would be valid drop points), even if they die in some other XY coordinate I would not care. Probably I would not even notice.

I do not understand your reply, so your question was more of a statement based on this

I guess I was confused by the prior post and was attempting to give an example as to why the beginning or end are the valid points and the middle is not “ideal” or even possible based on how the jump parameters are coded. I was only attempting to provide clarity.