Enemies in "Defend the town from cultists" stage of "Fall of Ledria" quest echo spawn far away, don't path to defended area

In the “Fall of Ledria” quest echo (first one in The Black Sun), there’s a stage at which your quest objective is “Defend the town from cultists.”

In my game, the enemies you’re supposed to defend against spawned far away from the point indicated by the quest marker, and didn’t reliably path toward the area you’re supposed to defend. As a result, I had to awkwardly hunt around the map for quest targets (which weren’t indicated by any markers, just had to run around looking for void cultists).

Here’s a screenshot of the area, with the spot the quest marker indicated, and the spot where I ended up finding the last batch of cultists, both marked:

Username online is A_S00, same as here.

Player log:
Player.log (2.8 MB)

I’ve just encountered the same problem you described. Exactly as you described it. After roaming a bit and killing some stragglers that weren’t moving towards the location marked, event progressed and spawned the last group.

I believe this is actually a problem with the location marker not moving correctly. The enemies always spawn at the marker and then 2 spots further down on which the marker doesnt update, and then the last spot which the marker does properly update for.

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Yep, same problem, every time this quest goes sooo slowly because of that

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