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Endurance question

For example if i have 1000 life and 999 endurance threshold, and i get hit with one blow that deals 1000 damage, i will be hit with the full amount of 1000 damage right?

No, thats not how it works.
Damage can get partially reduced by endurance.

You would take 1 damage unmitigated. The rest 999 damage, will get reduced by whatever % endurance you have.

Just to give you a even more clear example:

Current HP:200
Endurance Threshold: 100
Endurance: 50%
Incoming damage from a single source: 200

In my example you will receive 100 damage unmitgated by endurance.
The rest 100 damage will get mitigated by 50%. So you will take 150 damage in total, leaving you at 50 hp

This is also reflected in the game guide (when you pres [G] ingame)



Ah ok, Thanks for clarifying that, didnt think of looking in guide, just looked at patch notes heh. Guess its alot better than i thought then :smiley:

Someone should report the last line of text in the game guide description “endurance” is missing an “r”. :stuck_out_tongue:

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