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Endurance mechanics Question's

  1. Endurance mechanic affects all damage or just hits? Does Damage Reduction Affect Damage Over Time?
  2. Does one-time damage decrease if health was above the hit threshold? For example we have 1000 real hp, 500 endurance treshdold and 50% endurance. If monster hit 1000 dmg at once i will die? Or endurance will work on the remaining 50% damage and left 250 hp?
  3. It’s look not hard get more then 90% endurance, is’t capped? If not, what if i get all items with t7 endurance with more then 100% reduce dmg?
  1. Yes, it works against everything
  2. Yes, endurance will partially reduce a hits damage
  3. 60% is hard cap
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Thanks for the quick response!

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Don’t wanna sound like i don’t like to answer questions, but you could answer all of those questions by yourself, if you would press the magic button in-game…[G]

I’m not used to the fact that in games of this type there is something useful in the manuals, but now I checked it and found the answers to all my questions…
It’s realy great that game have such good in game wiki. I will check the information in it first in future.

I am preaching since a looong time that the devs need to add a "Check out the game guide [G] for more detaield information)…

They can literally paint the walls on every era with that lol.

I hope, when the new player experience gets overhauled they will emphasize the game guide more.